Coding Games with Python course

Self-study to discover if programming is for your child

Curious if Coding is Right for Your Child?

Get the essence of Python, one of the key programming languages in the world!

Learning outcomes

Kids will:

  • obtain an understanding of the core principles of the Python programming language;

  • grasp the foundational concepts of coding;

  • acquire the practical abilities to develop basic Python-based applications;

  • observe the impact of Python in various fields.

Coding Games with Python

In partnership of EtonX and Logiscool
James Stanforth
Computer Science teacher and Director of EtonX at Eton College
EtonX and Logiscool have partnered to create this engaging course where kids can dive into the world of coding with in-depth insights into one of the key programming languages in today’s digital world.

What Will Your Kid Learn?

Coding Games with Python course overview

In our super cool course, your kids will get to dive into Python programming through fun games and interactive exercises. They will learn all about Python's building blocks like how to write code, control the flow of your programs, and organize data.

This isn’t just about coding - by the end, they will see how Python helps out in cool areas like video games, data science, AI and healthcare! Plus, if you find your kids love coding, they can join more of our advanced classes at Logiscool to level up their skills. Ready to become a coding wizard?

1. About Python
  • The basics of programming

  • Python code structure

  • Game development: engaging way to learn programming

2. Conditionals
  • What is an algorithm?

  • IF statements

  • IF-ELSE statements

3. Loops
  • FOR loops

  • Implementation in Python

  • Nested loops

4. Loops
  • WHILE loops

  • Comparison with for loops

  • Risks of infinite loops

5. Variables
  • Introduction of variables

  • Assignment and manipulation

  • Other data types

6. Basic AI Concepts
  • Role of Python in AI development

  • Basic AI concepts

  • Completing the exit test

Study options

Self-paced, independent learning that students complete at their own pace
  • For kids above 12
  • 7-10 hours of learning materials
  • Diagnostic test to measure skill level
  • Certificate of completion
  • Pricing: free for UK state secondary school students
  • For individuals, independent schools or international schools: £16.99
Students can continue learning programming by applying to one of Logiscool’s advanced courses.

Why Logiscool with EtonX?

"Coding Games with Python," the new "self-learning" beginner course co-developed by Logiscool and EtonX, opens up a fresh opportunity for teaching coding and artificial intelligence to children and young people aged 12 and above. As part of the course, KAI and DAIsy, Logiscool's artificial intelligence assistants, assist kids throughout the learning process.

EtonX is the innovative branch of the world-famous British Eton College, where even 20 British Prime Ministers attended.

Logiscool’s innovative coding platform employs a gamified apprach, transforming the learning experience into something truly engaging, enjoyable, and accessible for everyone.